Stripped Oil bolt HELP!
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Thread: Stripped Oil bolt HELP!

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    Stripped Oil bolt HELP!

    Hey guys, I have a stripped oil drain bolt here, can anyone suggest a solution in getting this bolt out?


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    It's a marvel of engineering
    Either drop the pan out and work it from there, or use an air drill and an easy-out to get it while it's still on the bike. But, dropping the pan would probably be easier for you.
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    Two Words.....

    Vise Grips. If it's already fubar you won't exactly do any more damage. Normally I hate using them but they do have a purpose and this is one of them. It's worth a try before taking the pan off and having to get a new gasket or possibly breaking off some of the pan bolts. What's the worst that could happen right?

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    bad, m'kay?
    I know what you meant but next time you should be more descriptive - stripped head versus stripped threads. Would also be nice to know if its a protruding hex head or a recessed allen bolt.

    Visegrip with a bit of heat if needed.
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    Take it to a shop, they often have special tools for that, and probably charge same labor as oil change. Don't forgot to order a replacement bolt.

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    If you can not attack it with a file to semi-repair it...
    Try tapping a standard sized socket onto the bolt. It was 17 mm, so try 11/16
    If you don't have any, go buy a cheap one. Tap, don't smash.
    If you get it out, throw both of them away!
    Are you using a new crush washer every time? If, not, you have to torque the bolt harder each time, which sometimes leads to this.
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