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Thread: Tires??

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    Okay~ I think it's time for me to change my rubbers pretty soon... I am contemplating which one to go for.. Dunlop Qualifier OR Michelin Pilot Power. Currently, I have the Qualifier fitted on my bike and that's what it came with the Yamaha. I've had no problems what so ever and very satisfied with these rubbers BUT I've heard so many good comments about Pilot Power among other riders in forums and tire test results in magazines. One part of me wants to stay with the Dunlop because I've had no problems and that's the tire manufacturer has recommended BUT then on the other side so many props for the Pilot Power that it's making me go for the Michelin!
    What do you guys think??

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    First, signup for the free tire giveaway:

    And if you want tires right away, get a set of the pilot power 2ct's. Softer compound on the sides will heat up faster, giving you more confidence and will help to make you a better rider. Also, i believe the pilot powers have the greatest lean angle of all comparable sport tires on the market (at least they did last year). They have a bigger contact patch on the pavement when you are leaned over.

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    If you want to try something other than the Dunlops get the Pilot Powers 2ct or the Pirelli Super Corsa III's.

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