Who's racing this year? (2005).

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  • I'm going to be racing.

    77 52.03%
  • I'm going to be a pit worker.

    3 2.03%
  • I'm going to be a spectator.

    27 18.24%
  • I'm going to be a corner worker.

    24 16.22%
  • Both A and B

    17 11.49%
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Thread: Who's racing this year? (2005).

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    Blue '89 RZ350 (street)

    Exclamation Who's racing this year? (2005).

    What's your #, color, year, make and model of your bike?

    Just so your fellow BCSB members know who to cheer for when we go watch you guys race.

    Thanks!! And looking forward to watching you guys kick some butt on the track.

    Here's a list of the racers for 2005!! (list updated Monday, February 28, 05)

    Ratbike, Novice, Sportsman, Amateur, or Pro.

    • Slugo- announcer
    • Motoman- Mad man running around with little hair left.
    • Blade929boy #?, '02 CBR 600F4i?
    • sticky buns #71 Yellow R6
    • Fury #? Blue SV650S
    • desmo_dave #?, 650 Husaberg SM

    • Chops #6 Team Mspeed Performance Orange/Blue '02 R6
    • spero #157 Blue '97 Gixxer 750
    • Stykman #64 Red/Black '03 CBR 600RR
    • HPMan #9 Blue/Black Gixxer 600
    • Biker69 #280 '00 GSXR750

    • C-Ya #21 Team Mspeed Performance Orange/Blue F4i
    • gixxstar #72 Team Mspeed Performance Orange/Blue TLR1000
    • Jumby #12 Team Mspeed Performance Orange/Blue ZX9
    • Jumby #12 Team Mspeed Performance Orange/Blue R6
    • Rainman #20 R6
    • oldsquid #11 RC51
    • F4eyes #311, 600RR
    • QuantumF4i #135 White/Red CBR 600F4i
    • Human #87 Green '01 ZX6R
    • scudafi #766 Yellow '99 SV650
    • slipknot #315 Gixxer 750
    • TeeTee #111 Yellow/Medium grey CBR 600F2
    • Schoey #61 Blue '00 R1
    • Flyin' #124 Black/Silver '03 R6

    • oldsquid #11 RC51?
    • Human #87 Green '01 ZX6R

    Formula 2
    • VPR #28, '96 RS125R
    • CG #80, RS125
    • GuySmiley #70, RS125

    Formula 3
    • Squire #911 Team Aftica Racing Blue '89 RZ350
    • Bean #761 Blue '89 RZ350
    • NFG #19 '89 RZ350?
    • CG #80, RS125
    • GuySmiley #70, RS125
    • bEaV #82 Yellow RS125
    • Twodogracing #?

    • Newfie Girl #? Team Mspeed Performance Orange/Blue '04 CBR600RR
    • rscudiver #? Team Aftica Racing Green '00 ZX6R
    • Flax #766 Team Aftica Racing '00 R6
    • Bitstream #? Team Aftica Racing '00 R6
    • GSP #? Team Aftica Racing, Blue SV650
    • Xander #? Team Aftica Racing Blue R6
    • Harps #? Yellow/Black ZX6R
    • Digi168 #749, '02 R6
    • Scheme #723 Yellow/Black '99 CBR 600F4
    • Spyke #704 Black/Yellow '01 Gixxer 600
    • lowprofile #810 Black Gixxer 600
    • manic #74 F4
    • Katrider #755 Orange/Black CBR 600F4
    • Shift #?, '87 TZR250
    • spacely #? Purple/Green/Red '86 GSX-R1100
    • BMXER #?, ?
    • Asterix #?, '98 ZX6R
    • CrotchRocketeer #? Black/Red '03 600RR
    • Fokus #735 Custom Blue/White R6
    • SnoDragon #701 '02 Honda F4i
    • Mohawk #706 Blue/Yellow '02 GSXR600
    • UnToldFox #707 Blue/Yellow '01 GSXR600
    • Johnno #709 Blue/Yellow '02 GSXR600


    OK kids, keep your eye out for these guys racing this year and get out and cheer them on!!!

    Notice: If you are on the first list could you please pm me so I can put you under the appropriate list. Thanks!
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    I want to do test and tunes if not race this year,and when not on the track I'll be in a corner flagging.

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    I'll be announcing at mission, if I don't get called away to work on Burstyk's bike at the last minute, and hopefully our company won't have a sales meeting in Toronto on the double header weekend like last year!

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    A couple of Suzukis
    I'm gonna try my hardest to be there! T&Ts for sure...racing, I'm about 90% sure that I'll show up to compete in the novice class.

    I'll be in the yellow/black ZX-6R...if I ever get around to painting the glass, otherwise it'll just remain beige. Number? I don't have one yet...I'll have to ask Bernie or Troy about that.

    Just look for me...I'll be the guy at the back.
    Maybe Mediocre
    BCSB - I hate you

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    HAAAAARRRRRRRR Array Mischa's Avatar
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    in ur gf
    Not really sure yet as my financial situation varies. But I will be volunteering as a corner worker.
    Rage. Its my drug of choice.

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    Originally posted by Mischa
    Not really sure yet as my financial situation varies. But I will be volunteering as a corner worker.

    ill let you buy me a beer just so i dont bug you about saying this

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    HAAAAARRRRRRRR Array Mischa's Avatar
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    Originally posted by Jayson

    ill let you buy me a beer just so i dont bug you about saying this
    hahaha...good catch...

    But you know, I gotta keep an eye on the hoes. You might be resident pimp, but still not Jedi Pimp young skywalker.
    Rage. Its my drug of choice.

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    California dreamin' Array KatRider's Avatar
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    Hey Harps.

    For the record, I think I'll be the one at the back of the pack, not you.

    You should get your license at the bike show. When you do you should be able to find out if the number you want is available. That's what I'm going to do. (I have to renew my license and I don't have a number yet either.)

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    I'll be racing my rs 125 next year. # 82, the color as some say is piss yellow or puke green, real name for the color is fire engine yellow. Last year I was the secretary of the club, this year I'm racing. See you all there.

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    I will be racing my CR500 in lightweight, middleweight class, and my R6 in the rest. I am now the secretary hahaha. See u there Brian, I hope I won't get in ur way in the lightweight class.
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    2001 ZX6R, #32
    600 Supersport, Open Supersport, Sportsman
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    anyone know the cost of the novice race license course next year?
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    In addition to Fury's question... just what $$$ is needed....
    1) Startup cost ???
    2) per race ???
    3) per season if that can be estimated ???
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    Bomax Motorsports
    if i can get ahold of another 125 im there for sure.i like portland and pacifac raceway(sir).and i'll support westwood club by getting there license.we need support up here!

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    Sticky Buns
    WMRC/ WMRRA #71 yellow R6

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