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    Afx Helmets

    does anyone own a AFX helmet? I looked all over the internet and can't seem to find anything wrong with them, why so cheap?

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    I think the question isn't why the're so cheap, its why the arn't so expensive.

    And the answer would be...
    - probbly not the best fit
    - No air routing throu the vents, just drilled holes
    - quite noticibly more heavy
    - not as quiet and areodynamic
    - not hand made in japan

    Acutaly honstly I'm just guessing here, I don't know AFX helmets, but uselly thoes are the reasons of a cheaper helmet, I used to have a $100 one, now i'm very happy with a $650 shoie.

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    I looked at some in a motorcycle shop 4 years ago (in Surrey just over the Pattullo Bridge on King George Highway) so I don't know if my opinions are still valid. I don't even know if the store is still there.

    The interiors of the AFX helmets that I examined did not even come close to the plushness and quality of more expensive helmets from brands such as HJC, Shoei or Arai. But seeing the price of them, I really did not expect to. The fabric and foams were quite bulky and felt cheap. As I said, this was about 4 years ago. It is possible that they have improved their helmets since then.

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    WE carry AFX helmets, seriously the MX helmets are fine, the streets are heavier for a street helmet tho. We don't carry street versions.
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