About a week ago I was flipping through the Vancouver Province paper and found an article entitles "Crazy? Not if you care ... They plan to run 220 marathons in in 12 months".

As I'm a runner I was quite interested in to read the article. In in I found that two local GVRD people Stephanie Tait and Matt Hill are planning an Eco Running event where they will be running in Canada and US to promote their case. I got in touch with them and they were kind enough to let me do a short interview with them. In a nutshell they plan to run pretty much a marathon a day for much of the upcomming year.

If you are interested they would love some feedback and they have a bunch of events planned as the lead up to their May 4th kickoff.

If you would like to see the interview I have it and their bios posted here http://runbuddycanada.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=32

Their support team will be travelling in their "mother ship" an eco friendly motorhome with enough gadgets to make Jame Bond happy.

In speaking with them I was so impressed by their upbeat, can do it all attitudes. My hat's (helmet) is off them them.