what to do in Vegas?
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Thread: what to do in Vegas?

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    what to do in Vegas?

    going to Vegas in May. What's there to do besides gambling, eating, shopping....?

    they don't have that GM $10 on a track thing anymore rite?

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    Rollercoaster at the Stratosphere, and other coasters.
    Freemont Street at night
    Red Rock canyon
    Hoover Dam
    chopper tours
    watch Elvis marry people
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    Oh man, there's so much to see and do that doesn't cost a penny. Look around at the lights, go to the different displays (the musical fountain, the fiery waterfall, the pirate ship) and take in a show, just to name a few options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VTR_Rider View Post
    Spearmint Rhino.
    Seamless. Sapphire. The list of off-strip quality entertainment goes on!

    God I love expense accounts

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    You can pay to ride in a Military chopper and shoot a machinegun at targets as you fly by , that is the most fun you can have in Vegas with being able to talk about it when you get home

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    Holy fuck man, the world is your oyster when you're in Vegas! If you can't think of things to do there, you have no business being in Nevada!

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    I recommend the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon,you get a helicopter ride, which is AMAZING! boat ride down the Colorado river which is breathtaking, lunch or dinner feet from the canyon edge, and the skywalk,scary but so cool! when you think you are standing on a plate of glass thousands of feet above the canyon floor.
    The Natives that run the tours are so kind, they adore Canadians and took very good care of us.
    Hoover Dam is also a must,gets very hot in the summer so take lots of water and wear a hat, they make a killing on hats and bottled water in the souvenir shop.
    Meade Lake is also fun for picnics and water sports.
    Rent a bike or convertible, do it all!
    There is a ton of stuff to do in Vegas besides gambling and Cirque shows, those are fun tho too! (Zumanity!!)

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    wholy faack! I just got back from Vegas. Here's what I did!

    It's 500$ a day tho, not sure if that's in ur budget. Fun as heeell tho. Definately faster than my bike, and it's crazy to be fishtailing at 150km/h. U can do cheaper sports cars, or u can do a lambo for 2000 a day if ur that ballin!
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    don't forget the crazy horse
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    yes, the track is no longer around.... you can take out your fustration at the shooting range though with pretty much any gun you can imagine

    p.s...heres what it used to look like

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    Go to the Freemont district, check out a strip club called the Glitter Gulch and do a line of blow off a strippers ass.

    Ask about the "501 Sneak"
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    go to rehab
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    Saphire (Restaurant, or so it says on my expense account) is def worth a visit. Otherwise Pure, LAX, TRYST, TAO. Guns, cars helicopters are all a ton of fun and even better all at once.

    Pick a hotel with a good pool and if you're going on memorial day weekend get on the lists cuz it'll be CRAZY.
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    Shootin range.
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