This slip-on is originally for the 1999-2000 R1. Stainless steel end cap, internals & mid-pipe. Aluminum canister.

I had a very sturdy aluminum bracket fabricated last May for it to fit my 2001 FZ1. It has a "high pipe" look without getting too close to the body work. The bracket positions the canister so it is tucked underneath the stock rear turn signal light with enough clearance so that heat is not a concern. It doesn't have a spacer kit to facilitate the use of the passenger pegs so I used it when I knew I wouldn't have a passenger, or for a track day. The spacer set up would be very easy to make with longer bolts & some Stainless Steel tubing.

The mid-pipe is stainless steel and I had a stainless steel bump-stop bracket fabricated & welded in place so that the stock FZ1 center stand would still be functional. Worked out great. Center stand is in the stock location, doesn't drag during agressive cornering [track days] and doesn't rub on the drive chain as it would if the bump stop wasn't welded in place.

It works perfect, provides great exhaust flow & sounds really nice without being obnoxiously loud. Provided a noticable gain in performance when used with Ivan's jet kit vrs the stock pipe. The entire slip-on, mid-pipe & bracket weigh only 6.8lbs; significantly lighter than the stock slip-on.

Here is a pic I lifted off the net, and a pic of my actual pipe w/ the bump stop & custom bracket.

Located in Victoria, BC, Canada. $160 plus shipping. Cash or Paypal