How's vedder now?
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Thread: How's vedder now?

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    How's vedder now?

    Anyone been up to Vedder in the last couple days?

    Just wondering how it is up there with snow and whatnot...think my next day out is either there or Herrling...never been to Herrling though


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    i think gixxer76 rides there alot and has been there recently with good reviews,herling will be pretty much a mess for a while after last weekend and once the snow starts to melt it will be gone.

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    South side of Vedder is excellent right now (lower trails to lake view). The snow gets too deep about half way up the mountain but it's receeding every week. This past weekend we were up at Lower Meat Grinder and it was great. Up from there was snow though. Everybody was at Herrling too. There was our group and two other guys, that was it for bikes with engines (lots of mountain bikers).

    My personal opinion: If you like Vedder and are capable of the trails there, don't waste your time going to Herrling. It's all flat, slick and muddy and it gets to be a real gong show. There are tonnes of people that like it but that's just my
    Just like a twig, your leg will snap if you smash it into a wall with a 400 Lb bike @ 100+ Km/h. So just don't do it!

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