A Perfect Parody?: There will be Blood
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Thread: A Perfect Parody?: There will be Blood

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    A Perfect Parody?: There will be Blood

    There will be Blood is a fantastic movie. If you havn't seen it yet, go do so now - what follows will make little sense to you - turn back now!

    For those of you who HAVE seen it, you might enjoy this.
    It's so well executed I can't help but wish they made it full length. The impersonation of DDL's character is pretty damned good!!
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    I haven't seen the movie but I just checked out the parody. That was seriously funny shit. Wonder where people get the time and money to do gags like that? Production values were really high.

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    OMG that was sooo good, and so funny

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    hahah, awesome.....thanks for posting that

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