Rim question for my XT225
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Thread: Rim question for my XT225

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    Whach u talkn bout Willis Array smokedvw's Avatar
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    its got 2 wheels

    Rim question for my XT225

    I know the rear is 18" and the front is 21 I believe.

    Im curious if any of the same size rims work for dirtbikes or do you need to get the same rims off another yamaha. Sorry I dont really know how rims work for bikes. I was wanting to have a set for on-road since I am going to insure it as a "get around the city" bike for a bit.

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    Just swap the tires over and save yourself a tonne of money. I'd guess well over a grand to get a complete set of wheels (rims, spokes, hubs, bearings, rotors, sprockets, tires, tubes......) Simply not worth it in my opinion.

    A set of on/off road tires would be a couple hundred and will work fine off road in the dryer months. You can go from full on street legal knobbies to 95% street use design.
    Just like a twig, your leg will snap if you smash it into a wall with a 400 Lb bike @ 100+ Km/h. So just don't do it!


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