Atten. sm size ladies!
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Thread: Atten. sm size ladies!

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    Atten. sm size ladies!

    For sale:

    1997 Spyke, ladies one piece. Color scheme. Black, neon orange and a little bit of white. It was bought in Europe in 1998 to match my old FireBlade. It has seen a minor crash, but the only aftermath of that is a little discoloration on the right forarm and on the right leg above the knee. I paid the equivalent of $ 2100 canadian back then and although like I said , it has been in a crash I think it's still worth $1000. I also have a shoei helmet, size small, with a similar color scheme.The helmet is only three years old and was not involved in the crash. Asking $200 for it. I'll post pictures some time next week.
    The reason I am selling, is because I am buying a new, two piece ansamble to match my bike.
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