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    I've been looking at pants lately, and I find that I'm leaning more towards the jeans side of things. I know that it's not a good thing, but I have my preferences...

    However, I was wondering what the best protection would be in the case that I did go with my choice (jeans).

    Does anyone have any info on Draggin' Jeans (, or any of the other brands?

    How about info on armor that goes underneath (I've been looking at the Bohn Bodyguard Adventure Pants)... is it worth it? And will it help at all in a crash?

    I do have a leather jacket (Scorpion EXO), as well as a hard back protector, good boots (Puma something or rather), and a Shoei RF-1000, so I think I'm pretty set with everything else, but this pants thing has been bugging me, and I'd appreciate some input, as I am a new rider.

    Finally, I will be riding street only (no racing of any sort), on my Ninja 250, if that info makes a difference.

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    I'm not a racer, and also have been wearing jeans, but have been leaning closer and closer to new pants this year. The Joe Rocket Alter Ego pants look pretty nice.....I know 3 friends who them, and they all have nothing but good to say. I have some First Gear textile pants that match my jacket, but the winter months did a job on the belly, and they are a wee bit tight this year!

    I suspect my crappy jeans would come apart in a nano-second if I wiped, not to mention the fact that there's zero armor to help with shock/impact.....I can almost feel my knees & hips crunching into pavement.

    One thing I can say from have to try them on, they cannot be bought online, and you have decide whether they are going to be used year round, or seasonally. Ventilation is important, and decide if you are going to wear shorts underneath in the hot summer, or jeans/pants?

    Tough call, really a personal preference, based on a compromise between safety and comfort...same old story........

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    I love my JR alter ego pants. They're versatile - nice for both summer and winter. You can unzip and remove a panel that zips from the thigh of one leg around yer backside to the thigh of yer other leg to expose some mesh for ventilation on a hot day.

    The knee and hip protection is oh-kay. I was riding up cypress one day and a bird flew right at me and hit my knee - bang on the knee protector. I bet if I were just wearing jeans it would'a hurt like a son of a bi-otch.
    Poor little birdie didn't make it - knocked him right out - dead.

    The inside lining (rain and wind protection) zips out too for extra comfort during warm weather.

    Highly recommend them!
    You never really learn to swear until you learn to ride!!

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    I'm short and wide (ok i'll admit it) so i went with the Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 because they offered a short inseam pant.

    They should arrive today!

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