Looking at an '03 CBR F4i
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Thread: Looking at an '03 CBR F4i

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    Looking at an '03 CBR F4i


    I'm looking at buying a used 2003 CBR F4i. I've read up quite a bit about them (thanks to everyone posting here!). Spec's are:

    <8000 km's
    pristine clean, no scratches/marks
    silver black coloring (kinda wish it was yellow black)
    idles smooth, can't hear the cct rattle yet

    But I can't test ride it since there is currently no insurance on it. Is it crazy to consider buying without riding it. I've rode one before, just can't get on this one.

    Price seems right at $6250.

    Any comments?

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    Buy it. Then buy my matching yellow Hein Gericke leathers.

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    If you're serious about it, offer to pay for a day permit.

    Unless things have changed in the last years, it used to be that if you crash on a day permit, it doesn't affect your discount level. If that's still true, then the owner has nothing to fear by tossing insurance on the bike for a day.

    If he's worried you're wasting his time, and you want this bike, you could just make the test ride a condition of the sale. So you agree to buy it, assuming there's nothing wrong with the test ride.

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    A lot of sellers won't allow test rides. I've bought 3 used bikes and sold two without test-rides. For peace of mind, have it inspected by a local shop. They'll find out a lot more about the bike than you would on a test-ride.

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    If it means anything, I did my research like you did on my R6, listened for noises etc and bought it without test riding it. No problems at all.

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    Put in writing that you will hand over the cash and sign the papers....then you have 30 minutes to ride the bike and change your mind. If the bike is still pristine you get you money back.

    Has worked for friends of mine.


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