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    What is a FSHC?

    So tell me what you think a FSHC (Flying Swan Hot Chick) is?

    I've written this also on the Facebook page for the Hot chicks...but I think its important for all us women riders to see this.

    I am by all means in support of the FSHC...but not sure I agree with the latest developments, here is what I wrote:

    My Dear Fellow Hot Chicks,

    I come to you ladies at this time with a bit of dissapointment in my heart.

    Let me start in introducing myself...as there are quite a few that probably haven't met me. My name is Martina. I'm a single mom of 4 kids. My life is dedicated to my children, my work, and my bike. My biking has been a life long dream and I have been able to finally capture it! I've been riding with the FSHC...since 2006 and will NEVER forget my first ride with them.

    I've watched 2007 riding season...come and go with not getting much of a chance to meet the newer hotchicks, and enjoy the comradery. I've seen new developments come to the Hot Chicks over the past few months and I understand there is time for change and new developments. But where my sadness lies...is where are we taking it?

    I've seen the calender be put together...it was a wonderful concept. I see the making of a new logo for the Hot Chicks and for the Swan Charities...Its all great...but really what is it presenting for us women riders?

    Right now from where I sit...all I see is a stereotype of what "hot" women on bikes should be? I do believe the calender was done in great taste... ie not just babes in bikini's on bikes...well at least the women were clothed...but is it true of the majority of women riders, whether FSHC or the other women riders out there?

    Now in saying this I'm not upset that I wasn't in it...I mean I wasn't at any of the meetings when it was in development. But more the point in ...I know of other women who were there that were NOT chosen perhaps because of what the didn't look like, or meet the requirements of what was being looked for. The logo also signifies this. I'm NOWHERE near what the logo looks like, and for that to REPRESENT me...is far from the truth. I believe if you are going to make a logo it should represent us as a whole, not just a few who maybe be the perfect "hot" chick.

    Now in sayin all this. I am torn. You who might be reading this might agree with me, or might not. I honestly don't care. But I am sad that this is where we are going. I am a woman, a mother, and a rider. I don't agree with this demonstration of "hotness" that is trying to be displayed. I am woman of strong mind, body and soul. I have 2 daughters and 2 sons which I know will probably want to be riders, just like their mom. But the one thing I will not teach them is how women should be displayed as HOT on a bike. Its not the image I am trying to teach them. Hotness comes with the confidence you exude not the looks you may be blessed with.

    The image I would, and I'm sure others would like to see, is the candid shots that have been taken over the years the FSHC have been around. The pictures of the women together on bikes, riding, talking, laughing and generally having a great old time! That is what we should be showing. The friendships that have been made, the bonds that have been established and the lives we have touched in the process.

    When my daughters are old enough, and are riding...I'd like to see the legacy of Julia be passed onto them. I'd like to see next years calender represent this. Candid shots of US women riders...proud that we are who we are, with the friends we have made and the fun we have had...not just a bunch of T & A. Plus we want to stand out and be respected for being women on bikes. Its something I want to have in my house so my kids can see what there mom has been apart of, and to be proud of a bunch of women who have come together to bring some good into this world.

    I hope that you all understand this. Its not a cristism but more a plea for understanding that we are THE FLYING SWAN HOT CHICKS...but not your REGULAR hot chicks...catch what I'm throwing at ya?

    Sincerly...your fellow woman rider!
    Behind every strong woman...is her bike!

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    I dittoed what you said on facebook. None of us look the same, have the same job or wear the same stuff. That's what makes life interesting. The important thing is we all love to ride and respect others on two wheels.
    Not all women wear bikinis are ride behind a man. No Way!! LOL.

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    I do hear what you are saying and have a couple things to say.

    First, I agree that the calendar was very tastefully done and am so happy that it has raised more than $10,000 for such a good cause. I know the girls were chosen because they ride and based on looks because sex sells. However, most people that purchased the calendar were not all that concerned with the women in the calendar, but the fact that they were helping out a great dream that Julia had started.

    I must admit when I saw the logo that is being presented for the FSHC to me it doesn’t signify a woman motorcycle rider. It’s a girl with a helmet, for all we know she could be a passenger riding on her friend or boyfriend’s bike.

    In no way does this mean that I will stop supporting this because I believe the ladies doing this are doing such an amazing thing. I must say that I know that there are a few older members that are feeling the same way and admire the fact that you spoke up about it.

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    Hey, I am not a FSHC, but I have followed the posts and info for years. And, I not anywhere near your region, but wish we had a similar group around here.

    Firstly, I understand what you are saying. And you make good points.

    Second though, if the majority shares your opinion, then the calendar/any calendar intended to raise money - may have been just a bad choice to represent yourselves as a unit. Remember, the calendar is a visual product, bought mainly by men, or even women, who in all honesty want it for that visual appeal. I agree, all women are beautiful, but not all women SELL CALENDARS in such a market. For that reason, perhaps it was a bad choice of product to represent all the FSHC.

    But, all in all, I don't find the calendars harmful. I am biased, as an ex-model and as a photographer and digital artist I still work with models and beautiful people every day and do not find tasteful art offensive, demeaning or exploitive, I think of beauty the same whether in nature, people, etc - it all has a visual value. Actually I thinkthis calendar was quite a fresh breeze in a world so overtaken by the idea that women are all expected to be sleazy and easy these days. Tame and pretty, I found it. Also, I am a mommy too, so I take these things seriously as well.

    I have often wanted to do a coffee table book on women motorcyclists, of all ages and shapes, that is done in a very beautiful artistic fine-art focus - with mini biographies to show the commonalities we all have. ALL women are beautiful and strong women on motorcycles all have something insipiring.

    Perhaps in future, there could be several other projects suggested and used to convey a variety of messages - if in fact the hot-factor-issue bothers others in your group.

    Best wishes to you all, and good luck with your projects.
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    I once remember Julia saying to me about the slogan "hot chicks" that she chose: (not a quote but the context is there) "all women who ride are hot".

    Not "hot" as in a sex-kitten hotness, but "hot" as in having the confidence in themselves and their abilities, and their passion for riding.
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    I too think the hot chicks are doing an amazing job in the motorcycle community, but i want to say that Martina and women like her are the definition of hot chicks on bikes. They maintain normal regular lives..kids..jobs..households...etc...and they ride the wheels off their bikes!

    Good on you martina for speaking up and voicing your opinion...this is how things get done...im proud of you!
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    Well, as a man sitting on the sidelines with quite a number of friends that ride with the FSHC, , I can pretty much say this has been brewing for quite sometime, I've heard the whispering in the corners and I know of a number of FSHC's that were pretty upset about the calender including some that have riden with Julia.

    I would just throw my two cents in, myself and number of other male friends have swept rides for the FSHC and also attended fundraisers to help support their cause, and they do great work. I didn't buy a calendar to have hot chicks on my wall, I bought it to support the cause and because some of my friends would be in it, to my disapointment the friends that I know are true female motorcyclists those who put tens of thousands of km's on in a season, who ride pretty close to all the Tuesday night FSHC rides, didn't even make the calendar.

    I read Cheri Williams post on Facebook and she claimed that "There was only 7 girls that stepped up to the plate and 2 remained at the end." well I know there were some long term members in those 7 and they walked because they obviously didn't agree with the direction it was headed, should have been the "heads up" sign.

    I would have to say that putting together the best calendar to raise the most money you can, by using the most appealing content you can, is obviously the best practice, unfortunately I think in doing so it's gone against the things that the FSHC actually preach.

    "We will 1st never live up to our Julia Sit and 2nd our intentions are not to offend, hurt, disappoint, or discourage any Hot Chick.
    We are just a few girls trying to keep riding Tuesday nights and do fundraising." - Cheri Williams

    I think Cheri hit the nail on the head by placing the "ride" first in this sentence. It's not all about how much you can raise every little bit helps but I don't think the FSHC should put the dollar signs above the original intent of bringing female riders together to share information,create friendships and RIDE.

    My two cents.......but what the hell, I'm just a man.
    I'm just telling it like I see it !

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    I agree with what everyone has said. The calender is a great idea, and I do hope that it continues... the money that was raised is wonderful...don't get me wrong. The content is what it is- I mean its what sells the firemans calenders as well? Its something that we may never be able to change. But I want everyone to know that not everyone is happy with it.

    Also...never did I state that I WOULDN'T support the future of the FSHC. I may just take my stand from afar.

    I personally don't want to see Julia's dream die. This is something that women riders NEED.

    I just wanted to open the floor as I know alot of the women are upset. Maybe we can do a little more brainstorming on what the needs of the FSHC are...and come together.
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    I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Julia Sit.
    What Martina and others have said would definitely make her proud.
    It is regretable that people were unhappy, perhaps hurt and others turned away.
    This is not something that would of happened if she were here.
    It would be fair to say that all things done should be in the spirit of Julia.
    Let her not be forgotten.
    Be Happy for this moment.... This moment is your life.

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    Thank you Martina, Joe, Ray for choosing to speak up for others - especially me. I'm a new rider and new to the FSHC's. I felt a strong disconnect between what I had heard and read about Julia Sit and the path along which the FSHC's are headed, but being new, I wanted to make sure it just wasn't me.

    I didn't know Julia - but I sure wish I had. It sounds like she is an amazing woman from everything I've read about her, heard about her and by reading posts written by her, here on BCSB. Cheri, Jess, Jodi, Dallas and the other gals have done a great job to keep her legacy alive - I'm sure she'd be very proud of all of you!

    FSHC's was started to promote independence of female riders, friendship, safety, rider training, fund raising, sharing of information and just pure hotness of a chick on a bike.

    I have to agree with and I like how flyfishinwoman has said it; "Hot" is not about having that sex-kitten hotness, but "hot" is having the confidence in ourselves and our abilities, and our passion for riding.
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    This is a very good discussion. I hope everyone can share their opinions.

    As far as the calendar, it was a huge success. More than we could have imagined came out of this. In less than three months, nothing turned into a beautiful, professional calendar. The people involved rallied together and turned the impossible into the possible. Julia would have been proud. Since there was so much haste involved project, there was bound to be a difference of opinions. If we let those opinions hold the project up, there would have been no calendar. The number one goal of Swan Charities is to send young burn victims to camp. Some toes may have to be stepped on in the process but it was for the greater good of the Calendar.

    Swan Charities and the FSHC are separate entities. The involvement between the FSHC and the Calendar was a natural occurrence. If the majority of the FSHC feel that it does not best represent themselves, then of course they will go there separate ways.

    The FSHC group is made up of every female who wants to ride. Your involvement determines what FSHC is about. FSHC should represent every female rider out there. If some women stay on the sidelines and feels that FSHC does not represent themselves, that's the biggest problem. You need to voice your opinion (which is happening) but do so during a public meeting. The proposed FSHC logo was created because there really wasn't one! No one stepped up to the plate to get a logo created. Right now there is no one person who represents FSHC, its a collective. If you feel there is a better logo that can be created. Create it! I am not talking about something drawn on a piece of paper. This has to be a logo that is in EPS format, tshirt ready, etc. Bring it to the next FSHC meeting (The pot luck April 22nd?). I hope this disconnect is a small, misunderstanding and in the future all women riders attend the FSHC rides and events. In previous posts it is safe to say that FSHC are women riders who are hot! Not hot women on hot bikes. Let's keep it that way!
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    Good post Martina. I think Flyfishinwoman summed it up with her quote as well. Julia was always about the package deal - a woman, on a bike, doing what she loved, and doing it for herself. From day 1 the vibe I got from Julia the day I met her was the same way that I felt when I met Martina. The passion you embodied was for the sport. And in enjoying that sport the privelege that came was making friends and connections that shared the same passion. Being on the island, I haven't had the opportunity to participate in many events, but would be nice to be able to start a network with you ladies (Dallas, Lori, Jess, Jodi, Cheri, and the rest of you that I met the last year I was on the mainland) as there are many women riders on the island as well who would love to also help out in carrying Julia's legacy on. Hopefully the rides to the island that are in the talks will be successful in networking with some more ladies out here, to help make that happen.
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    I suggest the name be changed (fitting if the logo is being created etc) as to let Julia's creation remain a wonderful memory and inspiration moving forward to new female riders/groups and past. It is noble that some girls would want to carry the torch but, from what I know, Julia was a very unique and special individual and that torch may be heavier then one thinks.
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    I'm glad too see "Hot Chicks " still being run.

    I knew Julia and had many talks about organizing group rides and the biker community. She was one of a kind. I enjoyed supporting anything she did.

    " Hot Chicks " will change over time, everything in life does. If it helps to keep Julia's legacy going then the calendar is a great idea.

    You will never make a calender or event that will please everyone. Even if that calendar has pics of someone who ripped you off and should not be associated with Julia is in it. Or something like that.

    So if people are going to complain about the calendar they should also be willing to donate there time in helping with events to help keep " Hot Chicks " on track.

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