Tank dent removal
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Thread: Tank dent removal

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    Tank dent removal

    The problem:

    I'm getting it repainted along with some fairings, so I'm not worried about the paint. Just need to get that bastard removed. Will one of those DIY kits from CT work? Or does this look like it needs to be pulled at a shop?

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    I just had mine done at a shop for $100. That's pulled, puttied and primed,ready for paint. They were very hesitant though, because it is a gas tank. They were afraid it would blow when they spot weld the puller rods to it. If you take it to a rad shop first and have it defumed, then they can pull the dent. After all the dent is pulled you'll need to go back to the rad shop and have them re-coat the inside of the tank, so the weld spots on the inside don't rust on you. You could also buy the tank coating stuff from CT and do that part yourself.
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