First long 2-up trip
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Thread: First long 2-up trip

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    First long 2-up trip

    Planning for a Easter camping @ Tofino, 4hr ride. Longest riding by myself is from the island to Calgary, 2-up is 200km round trip on the island. The bike is a stock SV650s, no rack, no box.

    Planning to carry:
    -a 4person tent
    -2 winter sleeping bags
    -5lb camera gears
    -3 sets of extra clothing
    -small stove and cooking ware
    Wife and I about 300lbs, 350lbs total load.

    Beside the tent, everything should fit on a 40L backpack. Water and food will purchase at local.

    Best way to bungee cord the backpack and tent with passenger?
    Any foreseen trouble to carry that much on a small bike?
    What tire pressure I should run?


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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation. to solve your rack problem. Many guys will advise against wearing a backpack for two reasons, it's dangerous when you go down since it prevents you from sliding and can cause you to bounce/roll. Also, the person wearing it will tire quickly since the extra weight puts a lot of strain on their back (not that Tofino is a long trip, but it's something to consider). Get a tankbag instead, 50lbs is a lot.

    3 sets of clothing seems a little much for a 3-4 day trip, I usually bring that much for 2 weeks leave the jeans at home and bring khaki's or those zip together shorts/pants since jeans are heavy and take up a lot of room.

    The bike should have no problem, people have carried way more with way less. Tire pressure should be the same as usual 2-up.

    Have fun!

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    oh check for construction... i don't know if they are done.. but i heard they were re-doing most of the uneven road to tofino... this might be old news though...

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    Large tank bag for 3 sets of skivvies, socks. Wrap the soft stuff around the camera gear. Might be tight but the tent and bags should bungie on back behind the passenger. Try to form an x over the tent on top of the grab rail then use a bungie net on top of that for the bags if its still loose get more bungies. Also get yourself a compression stuff bag to shrink the sleeping bags more.

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