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    Gs500 engine

    Hey, Blew the motor is my GS500F (long story really don't want to get into it)
    Having some difficulty in finding a replacement gs500 was wondering if it is plausible to put an SV650 generally everyone i talk to tells me that "with enough money you can do anything." this is an extremely ambiguous answer and doesn't really help me - I just couldn't bear laying down a grand for an engine only to be told it cant be done. Anybody have any useful info on this? I'd be most appreciative.

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    Gs500 = parallel twin
    SV = V twin

    Can't see it working too easily ...
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    You'd have to cut the headstock off and reroute that to clear the front of the SV's engine, which is really long. There's no way to accomplish this cost-effectiely and even if there was, the suspension, frame and brakes on the GS aren't up to the additional power and weight.


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