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    gear collecting

    kay.. so im planning on getting the bike sometime in the summer... but im realizing that the gear is gonna be super exensive so i wanna start collecting it all now, and getting the good stuff as well
    whats the #1 stuff i neeed?? and im gonna go for the full out black leather outfit... since i want a red or black bike...
    *i know i shouldn't be picky with colour with my first bike... but i wanna be *

    i dont even know where to start, or where to find this stuff....AND the prices to expect

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    first of course you need helmet 300-600 for a good one dot +snel2000

    second leathers one piece is better bit more expensive, but a pita at times, 2 piece lets you take off the jacket or whatever if you go to say, the movies. 800-1400 (dont fell bad spending lots here, its your skin)

    3rd boots. some nice sidi's will run you 300-500

    4th gloves, find some good fitting ones, not ones that are gonna be to tight and cut off circulation. not ones that are real big. $100-250

    you can then get knee sliders (40-90)
    back protector/armour (dont know price)

    A great place to look would be Richmond motor sports, pretty much any bike dealer will have gear, but RMS has huge stocks of all kindsa stuff.

    Alpinestars is top quality
    Spidi/Spyke are great
    dainese/kushitani are top end
    teknic are pretty good

    teknic will prob cost the least
    RMS is having a blow out on their spyke gear, im going to go there tomorrow and have a look for some new leathers myself.

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    Good call! Spreading out the cost over time is waaaay easier on the pocket book.

    IMHO, since the rest of your body doesn't function without your brain, I'd say start with the helmet. Arai, Shoei were the two top brands suggested to me the most. I eventually went with a Suomy...mostly for the graphics (what can I say, I'm vain). Whatever you choose, just make sure it's DOT and SNEL approved.

    You've picked a good time to go shopping since the bike show is coming up in a few weeks. You should be able to sample all the brands for every piece of gear you need all in one place! As far as dealers go, everyone has their favourites. I've made purchases at BK, RMS, Imperial, & Modern. You'll probably see displays from most if not all of these dealers at the show. Aaron @ Modern has shown me the best deals recently on gloves, leathers, parts for my SV, and my cousin's Arai.

    Jayson's estimates are a good place to start your budgeting. You can always tweak it a bit to fit your budget.

    I only started riding this past May but have accumulated the helmet, two pairs of gloves, boots, textile jacket, and a set of 2 pce leathers. Throw in the cost of the bike and 2002 was an expensive year!

    Just be prepared...once you start, you can't stop!

    Good luck!

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    I'd like to point out that gloves are pretty important, maybe a little more important than boots because you can just wear some leather boots with jeans instead while you save up for riding boots. But not the other way around. Wearing gardening gloves while you wear smoking hot Sidi Verts doesn't quite have the same visual appeal

    I think you can buy just the jacket portion of the two piece and when you have the cash, the pant portion can be bought separately - which is what I did.

    Here's a problem I've run into. Saw some great deals on single focuses pieces of gear. So now I'm stuck with a multitute of single minded pieces of gear. You might wanna examine the type of riding you will be doing and pick something versatile enough to cover all of these types.

    examples: I can't really take my loud ass jacket when I ride my motorcycle to formal events. A tasteful, subtle leather jacket might be more appropriate
    A 1 piece touring suit would have been more appropriate than the 2 piece leathers and then 2 piece plastic rain suit for some of my trips, and cold morning commutes.

    stuff like that.

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    Well i know helmet is the first order of business, mine should be here soon... and what Jayson said is about it... you are CarChick from Revscene right? im 7G, never ending thread for life

    1989 CBR 600...

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    HAHA hey 7g, holy cow..small world
    yeah im car chick!

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    Consider getting a textile jacket and pant combination. They will give you the best bang for the buck, no doubt, as they are suitable for a wide range of riding conditions. It's a good place to start on a budget.

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    Originally posted by gordopolis
    Consider getting a textile jacket and pant combination. They will give you the best bang for the buck, no doubt, as they are suitable for a wide range of riding conditions. It's a good place to start on a budget.

    Good advice Gord. Imperial Motorcycles and Burnaby Kawasaki both (I think -- one of them does) have Joe Rocket "Ballistic" textile pants on sale for $180. Imperial also has textile jackets on sale as well.

    You can spend less on a helmet too that is DOT and Snell approved if money is tight -- e.g., a solid colour HJC helmet can be had for around $200 and graphic ones are about $300.

    Definitely do not cheap out on gloves though. Spend the money and get a good pair.

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    First-like everyone said, Helmet.
    While a lot of people say don't cheap out on a helmet (suggesting to spend 400+), i think On the street/highway (NOT the track), i dont see how a 800$ snell2000 helmet will be much better than a 200$ Snell2000, as i am convinced that an impact that would break any Snell200 helmet would probably mess up your body enough to kill you, so i'd suggest going with any affordable Snell2000 helmet that you feel comfortable in, and that has decent venting and visor rachet mechanism. There's quite a few snell200 approved helmets in 150-250$ range. I bought my KBC TK8 at Maple ridge Kawasaki for 190$ including tax when it had a 210$ sticker price, just talk them into giving you a deal.
    Leather suits- personally i think most look pretty tacky(especially when you look like a pro-racer and ride like an obvious newbie)(then again i dont plan on getting a sportbike so its just my opnion), so i went with a textile jacket. Firstgear or Joe rocket are fairly inexpensive, look for Fit, Protection,Venting,fully removable liner, water-proofness and pockets....I'd like a NICE leather jacket one day but theyre way more $$ than i am willing to spend.
    Boots or special pants-No comment as i dont like them
    Gloves-buy whatever is comfortable and is good quality. I have Fox gloves with 4 fingers cutoff for warm weather and Joe Rocket somewhat warm full length gauntlet gloves for cooler weather. My strong belief is comfort is the most important thing about any piece of riding gear because uncomfortable gear will distract you and limit your ability, no matter how safe it is.

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    Go naked...its waaaaaay cooler.
    Rage. Its my drug of choice.

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