Thumbs up to Burnaby Kawasaki for Customer Service!
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Thread: Thumbs up to Burnaby Kawasaki for Customer Service!

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    Thumbs up Thumbs up to Burnaby Kawasaki for Customer Service!

    I have to say that Burnaby Kawasaki has to be one of the best bike stores in town for Customer Service. Their staff treat me like a Valued Customer rather than an old coot who wandered away from The Home.
    Honest and sincere advice combined with excellent service and pricing are the order of the day at BK.
    And If I'm ever in the market for a Kawasaki, that's where I'll take my business.
    (The Ninja 650 calls out to me...I lived and breathed 650 twins at one time)

    Oh..edited to add: They gave me a great deal on a pair of BK leather pants....the BK leather gear has to be one of the best kept secrets around.

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    I've heard a lot of good reputations there, so I went when I was in search for a new bike last fall. There was a bike I wanted sitting in showroom, the sales person told me the best they could do was only 1k off the MSRP. C'mon, it's the end of season, what are you going to do with that inventory sitting in showroom??? I told them that same bike is on sale in Bellingham for 3k cheaper than they quoted (I wanted to give local business a chance before I took that deal), they advised me to buy it in Bellingham.

    A couple of weeks later that day, BK announced a blowout sale, I've sent a PM to see if they're willing to lower the price of the bike I reply. So I went to Bellingham, and saved 4k including GST and PST. Too bad for them.

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    I have known those guys since 2001. They have always been great to me.
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    They've had my business for over 15 years. Always an A+.
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    good bunch of guys there. get ready to buy some beer Gary!
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    Not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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    I've owned a Kawi as well and thought the service was absolutely great at BK.
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    I dont own a Kawi and I never will but I have bought boots there (for wife and myself) and find all the staff there approachable and very helpful.

    I agree that shop is top rate and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

    I still drop in once in awhile to chat a bit. Trevor and the other front line staff are great people (im sure the shop cast is too but Ive never met them).

    Good people and a great shop, what more can a rider want?

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    I went by there on Saturday to buy some rubber. I hadn't walked into that shop in like 2 years, and it amazes me how they all still remember my name and are so happy to see you (even me!). Props to BK, best dealership in the lower mainland.
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    always best to call instead of emailing. great staff there. Props to Brian, Trevor & Chris
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    Brian is a great guy, and was really good to my friend and wife when they purchased machines and gear.
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    Props to Jay as well. Just though I'd add that in there - I bought an 08 250 from him, and he was really helpful.

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    Anyone else can comment on the BK leather gears and how they hold up to the competition?

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    BK has always treated me right and they are good with names and faces
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    Quote Originally Posted by josico View Post
    Anyone else can comment on the BK leather gears and how they hold up to the competition?
    Best value for the dollar. Not up to par with Spyke, Vanson, Dainese, Alpinestars, etc. (and fewer PVPs), but will do the job and do it well for most of us. But those topline suits are additional $$$.

    I was in on the weekend and I think their 2 pieces were on sale for $400 or something like that (?).

    Kudos to BK, my favourite shop.

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