choke idle problem
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Thread: choke idle problem

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    choke idle problem

    Hi guys,

    Maybe someone can help me with this. Apoligies in advance if this is in the wrong forum. I have a 98 kawa zx 9r. When warming the bike up with full choke on, if i take the bike off the kick stand and stand it straight up, the idle speed starts to drop to the point of killing the engine. Is something wrong with my bike? Or is choke designed to be used while the bike is leaned against it's kickstand?

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    IMO that doesn't sound right. The idle speed with or without the choke should be the same no matter whether it leaning on the kickstand or straight up and down.
    How does it run otherwise? I have no idea why it would do that.. I could throw out some wild guesses, but they'd be just that -guesses.
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    Something is wrong with your bike as that is not normal choke operation, but unfortunately I cannot offer you any sound advice. I would start by removing your tank and checking your choke and throttle cables to see if there are any snags/breaks or visible issues...come on, if you're an engineer, I am sure you can figure out the basic stuff!

    Aside from that, I would check out a Kawi specific motorcycle forum and make extensive use of the search feature, and then post up the same question.

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    Check to see if it is in fact turning of the handlebars and not orienting the bike upright that is causing the problem. It could be a cable that is routed incorrectly or is too tight? Also (if not) check to see that its not that you are rolling the throttle to its full stop by holding the right (throttle) grip. It could be a need for lubing or replacement of the throttle cables? Do these two checks without standing the bike upright to isolate the potential problem.

    If it turns out to be simply bike orentation (which would surprise me), then I've no clue as to that problem (it just shouldn't be). Then I'd guess there is a problem in the carbs/float bowls etc.

    Hope it helps.

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