my friend got a 2002 ducati 748-what do you know?
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Thread: my friend got a 2002 ducati 748-what do you know?

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    my friend got a 2002 ducati 748-what do you know?

    hey. my friend got a 2002 748. neither of us have had an italian or single sided swingarm bike. he has hopefully a manual to be downloaded soon. couple questions. it's nearing 6000 km. it's that around the time of it's second service? and any tips for chain tightening or maintenance? any tips for him as a ducati owner? thanx

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    Congratulations on your friend's purchase. Lot's of things to learn now that your friend has just started a new chapter in motorcycling. This may be a helpful forum to check out, especially the Hall of Wisdom. Get use to doing small things yourself, check the oil when changing for chrome flakes which can indicate rocker wear(Ducati has had a problem with this), keep on top of belt changes, clutch slaves are prone to leak but Ducati was supposed to have address this by '02, keep an eye on overheating and cracking of the expansion tank by the ignition switch. All these things are minor, easy to fix and don't happen that often. Chain adjustments are really easy with a stand and 2-14 mm bolts, just loosen the bolts at the back of the swingarm and use a spanner to rotate the hub(located between the chain and the swingarm) until you get the proper tension and then tighten the 14 mm bolts up, done.

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    This manual saved me from so much heart shed. Pretty much has everything you need.

    The ducks need to be serviced every 10,000km but since it's second hand, it's a good idea to have it checked out anyway.

    And as for chain tension, get the proper tool for the eccentric hub or you'll risk scratching the swingarm.

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