WTB: Leather jacket size 42-44
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Thread: WTB: Leather jacket size 42-44

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    WTB: Leather jacket size 42-44

    Hey guys, I am in need of a leather jacket size 40-42 Canadian size/American Preferably either blue/white/black , black/silver, black/blue .... any color combos. Even all black works aswell. My price range isn't specific, between $200.00 and $400.00 sounds fair. I just want something durable ie: JoeRocket, Technic ect.... anything that is made well and the name brand doesn't really matter. Need leather!!! Please pm me and I will get back to you guys ASAP!

    Even if I can get a 1 piece suit for $400 or w/e i'll take it. Minor scratches or rash is okay I just need leather and am not that picky!! Thanks

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