Spoiled day on HWY99?
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Thread: Spoiled day on HWY99?

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    Spoiled day on HWY99?

    Returning to Richmond just before 3pm on HWY99 just before the HWY91 turnoff I saw a congregation on the side of the road including what looked like a 90's FZR, 2-3 cop cars, couple cars and a big truck.

    The very, very good part was that as far as I could see it did not look as if the bike had been down. The fleeting impression I got while passing was that the rider was walking around his bike as if looking for damage though. I also saw cops only: no ambulance.

    I could be totally out to lunch on the type of bike: you all know that there is not much time to really look closely while you are passing in the bunched traffic at an incident, but it did have FZR-like red/white colours.

    Whoever it was, I hope a) you were not caught in a mishap or b) a difference of opinion with the authorities: there is typically only one winner in those! Whatever the circumstances: my sympathies as it really looked like the kind of thing that totally ruins a nice sunny day.

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    Any Decent fellow.......would have busted a FAT stand up wheelie and drawn the HEAT away.....!!!

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