Modifications and Farkles the Risks
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Thread: Modifications and Farkles the Risks

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    Modifications and Farkles the Risks

    Running with some modifications on my bike. I have become aware of the shape and mounting of these accessories.

    I like Susan's set-up using ram mounts they can flex away much more in a collision than my permanently and solidly fixed set up for my GPS, V-1 etc. I am setting up my KTM using Ram mounts for this very reason

    I was just reading a post about sport bike modifications and how some of the really neat mods can be quite dangerous for the rider in any type of get off

    This quote from the Stunt Bike Forum gives pause for thought.

    " Re: lost another one

    This was my best friend, killed riding his Ducati because some dick ran a stop sign. It's been 2 years and it still hurts like hell to think of him. His girlfriend found out she was pregnant 1 week after his funeral as well, such a sad story.

    I wanted to say one of the reasons he was killed was because he had an aftermarket windscreen on his bike, carbon fibre one that I had earlier commented to him it looked rather sharp. Well, when he hit the car, that damn thing severed him in half basically. Guys, be careful what mods you put on your bike to "look" cool. Some of these things can bite you in the ass when you go down. ie.spike bar ends, sharp windscreens, etc, etc.

    If I can avoid another brother riders death by this post by making them twice about putting some stupid shit on their bike that could severely injure them or get them killed in a crash then at least something good can come of this post."

    It certainly gives one pause for thought
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    Yeah, lots of the parts on your bike are there for a reason. Lots of stories of guys removing the front or rear chain guards and getting shoes/boots/laces caught in them and crashing or falling off and having the exposed chain turning their leg to hamburger, the stupid 'wave' rotors that serve no purpose other than to assist in lacerating your limbs as your bike runs you over in a nasty fall, aftermarket rearsets with no guards to prevent access to the chain helping out with the latter, etc etc.

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    spike bar ends eh? little jousting?

    I have purchased a Bags Connection powered tank bag for all my electronics this year. It has a GPS holder that connects to the bag and will flex in case of a crash. Fancy bag.
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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    Yup, makes you want to go out, buy one of those special edition piles of crapulence from OCC, then crash it and get mutilated by it when it hits you.

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    That's not a concern. You can't really crash it if you can't get the engine running in the first place
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    Bill, I understand what your trying to do but I just don't think the person that spends $175 dollars for a pair of shiny-pointy-penis-grips for his 'busa is going to listen.

    Still if you save one person from getting accidentally cut-in-two then I guess it's all worth it.

    BTW anyone looking to buy the bitchin' grips posted below, click here

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