When I do Sumas backroads, I usually enter and get out of Sumas crossing, but I noticed I can make a loop via Bellingham, and not putting much extra km. So this time we're meeting in Bellingham, then come back via Sumas.

Gas prices down there is still around 90c/L, you'll save more than a few bucks on gas, too.

Meeting time and place:
Mi Mexico at 11:30
For the map, go see it on my previous ride on 3/18.
Exit 256 (Meridian Rd.) on I-5
241 Telegraph Rd
Bellingham, WA

I'll be hanging around in parking lot for a while after 11:30, if you don't see me there, I'm already taking a table inside.

They have this legendary margarita for $4, but stay under legal limit.

It's not really fun to ride in group on I-5, but we can leave together from GVRD if you've got NEXUS.

We're skipping Chuckanut Dr. this time, instead some backroads around Lake Whatcom. Then go up north towards Sumas via backroads. I'll try to come back to the border by 6pm.

The pace: 10km/h (or higher, depends on road condition due to recent snow) over the posted limit, all riders welcome as long as you can keep this pace.