Need help, Clutch Res?
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Thread: Need help, Clutch Res?

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    Need help, Clutch Res?

    Calling Peeps, I need your help! To ID a a Hydraulic resevoir, to match a 04 R1 brake resevoir. Doesn't really need to by clutch, could be rear brake.

    Must be that clearish white plastic. Half the size of a tipical brake res. Round with black cap. Mount bolt must be via tab on the bottom not the side. The hose should connect to the side and if that's not hard enough there should be a cap lock tab/bolt.

    Guess I should add I'm desperate with no time to search one out, ready to buy new, just need info as to model, year, make.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry, this is the only place that comes to mind, if you haven't looked there already:

    However, none of them have the tab on the bottom. But call Kevin and ask if he can get what you need.
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