Teknic 1 Piece 0.8mm
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    Teknic 1 Piece 0.8mm

    I just noticed that the 2003 top end Teknic suit will be made with 0.8mm kangaroo hide. They claim that it's equivalent, if not better, than 1.6mm cow hide. A thinner suit would definitly be lighter and more flexible to move in, but is it enough in a crash?

    Any info on this? And from all the farm animals available (cow, sheep, etc) , what's the rank of them for durability?
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    I work with an Australian...I'll ask him about the sheep!

    Seriously I have heard the kangaroo is just as good as the leather but the guy who told me had nothing to back up the claim.

    It is tempting to try it though. How do prices compare?
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    I was wondering the same thing. The new (Teknic) gloves I got have kangaroo leather palms...it's pretty thin, which is great for feel and mobility...but I'm curious as to how well it will hold up to a crash (palms first!). My last pair of gloves were thick heafty First Gears with cow-hide leather palms...they withstood three crashes and about 20,000-25,000kms worth of daily riding.
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    I bought some joe rocket kangaroo leather gloves.... THEY SUCK the palms were gone in like 6 months.

    I bought some teknic ones with kangaroo leather, ive noticed they hold in a lot of moisture. make sure you have a back up pair of gloves!

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