84 GS750E - do I need a new CDI?
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Thread: 84 GS750E - do I need a new CDI?

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    84 GS750E - do I need a new CDI?

    I had this problem once before, and it was suggested that it was because of the CDI. But I have also heard that CDIs are basically bullet proof, so I don't know. Any GS750 owners out there who can comment, I will be very thankful.

    I rode for an hour yesterday.

    Then, I was at an intersection and suddenly there is no throttle response. I cranked the throttle to half open but there was just a consistent rhythmic miss-firing/ back-firing with sputtering at a very low RPM (should have been around 5000 RPM).

    I noticed that the turn light was off even though switched on and the RPM gauge was showing around 6000RPM though it was maybe 3000RPM.

    And then after 10 seconds of that, I get throttle response but the problem happens again. Finally it stalls but I can get it started again.

    I could limp back home - the problem kind of kicks at low RPMs on the way back (and I almost pulled over once - but it revived) but when I get home, it idles easily at around 1500 RPM with everything normal.

    So do I need a new CDI?

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    Hard to diagnose on the net.

    I have an 83 same bike, and I have had it apart many times, replaced coils ,CDI , etc. Runs like a top , 58,000 k showing on the clock. ( It has much K, more raced back in the day). If you can find a shop that will look at an old bike , good luck. I would have a look at it for you, no charge if you want , Just PM me .

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