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    RS-TAICHI leather

    Richmond Motorsports is pleased to announce that we have reached a deal to be the exclusive distributor for RS-Taichi leather for the Canadian market.

    Stop by and check them out, we will be bringing the rep up from California for the bike show.

    P.S. - the Shark helmets have finally arrived - in stock now!!

    Deals to be had by all BCSB members!!

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    So that means you're gonna be giving a set away in the next draw right???
    Rage. Its my drug of choice.

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    Hey it's Rob.... I bought a Spyke race-4 suit off of him and had him quote me on the RSR Shark helmets. I just finished trying 3 RSRs on at the Toronto bike show and I have come to the realization that IT DOESN'T FIT MY HEAD!!!!! Damn thing sat soooo high the back part of my head was exposed :!!!!!

    I love the new Barros RSR in green, I hear the ventilation is fantastic, and I know the thing is super light. I wish it FIT!!!! I guess I have a true AGV head.... which means I don't fit many helmets particularly well.

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