2001 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird. Email me if you would like to see some pictures. This bike is an excellent sport touring motorcycle. I’ve made the following modifications to the bike to make it very comfortable for all day touring:

Leather Corbin Gunfighter & Lady seat that’s less than a year old (original cost $439 US),
Corbin Beetle bags in perfectly matching color (original cost $1700),
MRA VarioTouringScreen Windscreen that features a 7-position adjustable spoiler (original cost $160, not shown in photos),
Heated grips have been installed with a Heat-Troller infinitely adjustable switch to control the heat level (original Cost $160),
Heat-Troller infinitely adjustable switch for electric vest (original cost $100),
Black Lockhart Phillips tank bra (Original Cost $150),
Handle bars have been raised several inches using the combination of a bar riser and a VFR 800 clip-on (original Cost $200),
Lower foot pegs have been installed and the shifter and rear brake have been lowered to improve the leg room (original cost $80),
Matching blue bar ends.
I also have the original seat, bars, foot pegs, and windscreen.

As you can see, there are a few thousand dollars worth of extra’s that come with this bike compared to a stock blackbird, so I think my asking price of $8000 is a good price. I’ve owned the bike for over two years. I believe the original owner was a sales manager for Carter Honda. I have a stack of service invoices for the maintenance that was done on the bike during the first few years. I believe the bike was maintained professionally at, or before, Honda’s recommended service schedule. The bike currently has 51,000KMs. The front tire is in good condition; however the rear tire is getting close to the end of its life. The chain and sprockets are in very good condition. Everything else on the bike is in great condition, and no repairs are needed. I will change the oil with Motul Semi-Synthetic oil and replace the oil filter before the bike is sold to a new owner.

The Honda blackbird was the world’s fastest production motorcycle when it was first released. In 2001 it received a new dashboard and digital speedometer and other indicators. Production in North America ceased in 2003, however the blackbird is still a current model in Europe as you can see from this link http://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/ I believe the Blackbird listed for about $16,000 when it was sold in Canada.

Honda Blackbirds have a reputation as being extremely refined. The motor is very smooth with almost no vibration and the transmission is slick. The power builds gradually as you increase RPM, so the bike is very easy to ride in the city even though it has claimed horse power of 160. If you are seriously considering buying a blackbird and currently have an insured bike, I’d be willing to go for a ride with you, where we can switch bikes so you can determine if this bike is right for you. Call Peter at 778-847-7701 or email me at geering@telus.net if you have any questions.