Buying gear overseas online (Europe)
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Thread: Buying gear overseas online (Europe)

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    Buying gear overseas online (Europe)

    Hi there,

    I'm looking into getting a new jacket, possibly something like the Weise Psycho jacket..

    however since it's only available from overseas..

    Is there/how much is the duty on orders like this?

    Is it the same rate as bringing something in from the USA that's made in a different country?

    Cheng gong

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    Don't sweat the's peanuts... but it Costs to ship halfway across the planet

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred View Post
    Don't sweat the's peanuts... but it Costs to ship halfway across the planet
    Famous last depends on where it's made. I think a typical duty rate for Asian made gear, is around 18% + 12% taxes = 30% + can add up, so make sure you do your homework.

    There are SO many leather jackets available so closer to home, that I'd be leary. I assume you have tried one on, and know the exact size you need? Buying gear, sight unseen, can be very risky. Different manufacturers have different sizing and fitment.

    As an example, I've had jackets between 44 and 48, which all fit me the way I like, with an obviously large spread in sizes.

    All that aside, looks like a really nice jacket!

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    Question Importing !!!!

    Send a PM to Linda ** Dudette ** on the board , She Bought a set of Leathers online from the Check Republic , Nice Leathers and a good price , They sent her a Measureing Chart , She sent them her sizes and they were custom fitted for her , I feel it's a lot of trouble for a rideing suit , When you can get what you need locally or in North America , And if you have a Quality issue when they arrive then it's a real hassel , Linda can let you know all the in's and outs of importing from out of the country

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