Crack pipes sold at the corner store, WTF?
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Thread: Crack pipes sold at the corner store, WTF?

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    Crack pipes sold at the corner store, WTF?

    I'm heading into the mixer mart next to the Govt store for some juice and a new sign on the door says "No one under 19, ID required." This is a clean, well lit store in good neighborhood of Coquitlam. They have always sold cigs, bongs, porn, and other stuff but the place doesn't feel seedy.

    Looks like they have done some redecorating. Why the age restriction for a corner store? Dude in front of me pays for his plastic wrapped GLASS PIPE AND STEEL WOOL. For a second I flash back to working in the DTES.
    Dude sees me looking at his crack pipe makings and puts his head down. The clerk sorta shrugs and rings me in. Behind her is a display of steel wool packets.

    The episode weirded me out. When we Gen Xers grew up crack was a killer that skids smoked in total secrecy. Maybe the industry of addiction is that lucrative. (The irony that I was buying mix for our vodka is not lost on me.) Strange days......
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    That's fucking brutal. I can see the logic behind catering to stoners I suppose, selling a few more bags of chips, etc.

    Crack heads though? Morals aside, where the hell's the logic in that? Chances are they're broke, they're not gonna be spending more than the odd buck or two from the bottles they've collected, and they're probably gonna be forcing their way into your register in the not too distant future.

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    I was in there a few days ago, and I was shocked when I saw those crackpipes. I mentioned to my buddy about them, and how at least they wont steal spark plugs off of bikes haha. Silly korean shopkeeps crack pipes are for kids! :P

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    In the 'wack, they sell this stuff in the convenience store kitty-corner to city hall. Of course, they also sell those grape-flavoured cigars to the school kids, too. Not that they're marketed towards young people...
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    How nice.
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    so... where can I buy crack pipes?

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    How is this any different than selling alcohol or tobacco? Just because certain drugs are illegal and forced underground, that doesn't take away from the epic health problems and social destruction caused by these other "legitimate" vices.

    Beaten to death yes, but still a total hypocrisy.

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    Listen to "the irony of it all" by The Streets .... perfect way to sum it up
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    as for the age restriction it is probably because they want to display cigarattes in plain view and if you allow minors into the store then you are unable to allow minors if i remeber the the ridiculous rules brought in recently.

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