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    RPM Tech talk

    Hey gang, the RPM race series will need a couple of minimum requirements to meet CMA regs and insure safety for all involved. So, appart from the regular bike tech that makes sure that there is no obvious bits loose or falling apart, the key items on the list are as follows:

    Catch Can
    No Antifreeze (water wetter or straight water)
    Peg sliders (Quesnel track mandatory only)

    If I have forgotten anything one of our techys can chyme in too.


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    THis was raised at last year's ending events when it was mentioned. The issue of what constitutes a decent catch can system came up. Dwayne and I pretty much agreed (at least Dwayne didn't counter me ) when I said that it should be able to hold anything that may come out the drains for up to 30 seconds of the bike being on its side.

    This includes gas, oil breather and coolant. If we're in doubt and don't like what we see and you don't agree we'll ask you to lay the bike down for 30 seconds on one side and then 30 on the other. If nothing spills from either laydown then we'll tag your bike as passed.

    Gas was the biggie last year. We had quite a few gas leaks and at least one fall as a result of one of them so the gas vent line will need to run to the catch bottle or you'll have to have a proper one way valve. A plain vent tube into the steering head won't cut it anymore I'm afraid. Also all that bundle of spaghetti line vents from the carbs needs to run to the catch bottle. I know it's important that the bottle be vented well as all those lines need to be at regular pressure. Another hint to help keep you running is for the carb lines and tank vent, if you run it all the way down there, to not go to the bottom of the bottle. All those lines need to breath and if you end up with a little liquid in the bottle and the lines are submerged the engine is not going to run for long or run well. Secure the lines so they stay IN the bottle but keep the ends well up from the bottom of the bottle and out of any liquid in there. And remember that the bottle itself cannot be sealed. Those lines need to breath. If you do run the lines to some sort of nipples on the bottle be sure you have a good 1/2 inch or so vent hole. Just using one extra tube nipple may not let it breath correctly. Like you trying to breath through a small straw instead of a garden hose.

    That should about do it for bottles....... I hope...
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    It is also a good idea to run seperate bottles for the coolant and carb. If you run one bottle and it fills up with coolant it will choke off the carb vents and the bike will no runny anymore. Bin there, dun that, no fun.
    This is easy and cheap to do, you can run an empty brake fluid bottle or something and just zap strap it to the bike somewhere for both bottles.

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    A small plastic bottle (like an RC model fuel tank) will easily zip tie to the rad support behind the shroud on the throttle side of a CRF450 for a rad catch can.

    As Troy mentioned don't run the rad and carb hoses to same tank. Not only will it choke off the vents, but when the bike cools off it will suck whatever is in the catch can back into the cooling system. Also cut the hoses to either a point or slit the end of the hose. Sometimes they can seal themselves off on the bottom of the catch can.

    The carb hoses are a bitch to get at. Some T-fittings help you clean up the mess and reduce the number of hoses to vent.

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