I picked up this lens under a month ago from the US but have decided to sell it. I'm replacing it with a Canon 70-200 L f/4 to compliment my 28-80 L.

I really like the range on this lens and the OS especially. The OS (optical Stabilization) is esentially the same thing as Canon's IS. It allows you to shoot a few stops lower than without it.
The rage is huge, equivalent to about 28-320mm. probably one of the best walk around lenses avaliable.

This lens is in mint, 10/10, 100%, a#1, perfect condition. It could definitly pass as being new. No blemishes at all.

I'm looking to sell it for what I paid for it (not including the hassles of picking it up in Blaine and driving through the border).

Price is $550.

Please call me or email me at daniel.druet (at) kwantlen.net 604 616 6968. Please leave a message if I don't pick up. My name is Dan

I'm in S Surrey and your free to come take a look. Bring your camera and give it a try.