Ebay + Bike = ?
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Thread: Ebay + Bike = ?

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    Ebay + Bike = ?

    So, has anyone here ever had any experience purchasing a bike via Ebay?

    Most of the prices seem too good to be true, although I most likely will not purchase my bike with Ebay, I'm curious if there is anyone around that has?

    I couldn't imagine how ridiculous the shipping costs must be....

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    shipping to the lower 48 (ship happens, letter carrier etc) would be under 500 most likely from what i heard. ebay is all buyer beware but i have heard of tons of people getting great deals on great bikes through ebay

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    Search the bike's manufacturers website for the weight of the bike, find out where the seller is located, call VanKam or whoever you want and ask them about shipping a bike. I believe Vankam has special pallets for bikes, but I'm not sure if they go into the USA or not.

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    I have not seen any too good to be true prices on average....unless you are a ebay newb, and are looking at the prices on things with days to go in bidding.

    Look at the finished auctions to see what things sell for, and then consider buying it for those prices site unseen....you a gambler?

    I'm not saying you can;t find a legit good or even great deal on ebay, but it's the exception, rather than the rule for most people dealing with vehicles.

    I find deals all the time, and ebay aint the place for me.

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    Great for buying new, but you do have to be careful buying used. I've got a few friends that have bought new, all the transactions were flawless, bike shipped to northern Washington and rode across the border. Even with shipping and taxes, prices are far, far below Canadian MSRP. Quite often, the sellers will discount, and waive shipping and/or PDI. How does an all-black '08 R1 sound for $10,200 delivered?

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