Little help needed with a 1990 EX500
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Thread: Little help needed with a 1990 EX500

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    Little help needed with a 1990 EX500

    GPZ500 (1990) . i took it apart to see whats going on under the bodywork. I took out the carbs and cleaned them. When it was time to put everything back together i ran into a little trouble.

    1. On the carb there are 2 rails with one nipple on each rail. My question is: does the top rail go to the fuel tank? and where does the bottom rail tube go?? or is it the other way around. (you can see the bottom rail with the yellowish tube on it)

    2. If you look at the pictures, What is that round thing (one bolt holding it in place and has a round rubber gasket on the other side) with the hole?, what is suppose to go in that hole??

    ** ive taken a close up of this round thing and then the rest of the pictures are taken further back so you can see where this round thing lives.

    thank you

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    if it's the same as my wife's '93 the black thing is the top of the crankcase breather.
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    The brown tube is most likely for your gas. I'm not sure what other "rail" you're talking I only see the one rail other than the flat rails holding the carbs together. But if the other rail is up high then it's more likely to be a vent rail to the vacuum piston top chambers. Or they may be float bowl vents.

    Sorry, but your pictures make it hard to really see.

    One clue is where the float needle seats are located. The rail and fitting that feeds them is your gas line to the tank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sailor View Post
    if it's the same as my wife's '93 the black thing is the top of the crankcase breather.

    If your bike has the stock air box and filter on it then there should be a hose from the bottom of the air box that will fit over/into the hole in "the round thing". If Your running after market individual pod style filters then you should make up a little filter on a short piece of hose and stick that in the hole. I think if you try to stick your finger over the hole with the bike running your feel a vacuum and you don't really want to suck poo into there.

    Or I could be wrong, there is a thread around somewhere with a bunch of manuals on it. Find it and get your manual.

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    some help

    On the EX500///

    big tube comes off the crankcase cover (black canister top, under the carbs, on the engine case, facing vertically)and goes into that big hole on the airbox. Do not route it in between the carbs of it can get in teh way of the return. It should be outside of the bank, nearest to the airbox. You can also wire it out of the way if you feel it is too mobile, just make sure it is venting into the airbox and not kinked off. If you are missing it you can replace it with some large diameter fuel line...)

    Other tube on left side of bike/carbs is for fuel and goes to your tank.
    If you took off the 'boot' on the right carb off, make sure you put it back on, that is just a blockoff as both l and r carbs are the same, jsut on the bank together, so that one should be plugged with a black rubber boot.
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