Is this a good beginner bike?
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Thread: Is this a good beginner bike?

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    Is this a good beginner bike?

    It's a 1980 Honda 500cc, no accidnets, and electric starter.
    Will it be too heavy for a beginner?

    and the owner is asking for $600

    Thanks alot

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    80 Honda 500cc....hmm
    If you specified the right year and CC, you're talking about either GL/CX500, or a XL500.
    First the CX/GL- water cooled, shaft driven V-twin bike, weights about 500 pounds and has roughly 50hp. Assuming the model in question is a regular 'standard' CX500 and not a
    I have a 81' GL500,bought it as a second bike(started on a CB400), got to tell ya the bike is HEAVY, also its a shaft drive so handles a bit different from a chain driven bike. But, it has a pretty gutsy motor, very smooth ride and supposed to be very reliable( but i only had mine for so long so i cant fully confirm on reliability). I'd say it would make a half decent beginner bike if youre fairly tall and not super skinny. Handling is a bit on the clumsy side.
    The other 500 honda built in 80' was the XL500 on/off road bike, i think that would be a fun bike to play with on road and in the dirt, heavy for a dirtbike but not bad by old street bike standards. dont know much about them, i assume it would be alright to learn on.

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    It could be an excellent bike to start on if it meets the following criteria.
    Safety: Are the tyres, brakes and chain all in good condition and working as they should.
    Does it run smoothly. Are the controls smooth and easy to operate. Is it "Straight" i.e. Has it been the victim of a heavy tumble at any time? Bent frame or forks, dinged or buckled wheel rims.
    For the price you’re quoting it is likely you will have to spend a little more to bring it up to scratch unless you are lucky. What model are you talking about? The 500 singles were very reliable, the parallel twins not quite so, and the Vee twins I don’t know about.
    Too heavy? How big are you? With a handle like "BeefCake4000" it shouldn't be a problem.

    Bottom line: There isn’t a simple answer to your question in that stating the capacity and age of bike is not enough in itself to gauge "rightness" for the purpose of a newbie. If you are not sure how to check these things yourself, do you know someone competent who is. There are several contributors to this forum that could look it over for you, if it’s in their neck of the woods.
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