Bike trailer available - but there's a catch
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Thread: Bike trailer available - but there's a catch

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    Bike trailer available - but there's a catch

    Hey speed junkies

    I've got a bike trailer that will take up to three bikes, but sadly, I lack the vehicle capable of getting to the track.

    If you have a vehicle with a class 3 hitch, and are tired of getting your bike all track prepped the day of the track day (and riding out there on it), why not bring your bike over to my place the night before, prep it, and we can load up in the morning.

    I need one spot on the trailer, and one seat in the tow vehicle. Of course, when we get to the track, we can go our sepertate ways, or we can set up a pit together. I've got all the fixin's!

    Give me a call and let me know your thoughts,


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    I'm looking for a trailer to rent for a couple of weeks this summer, like July 30 to August 13. (Thinking of taking my bike on a trip to Manitoba with the family, but cheating and not riding it the whole way. )

    Would you be interested? Alternatively, does anyone else have a trailer they'd be willing to rent out this summer?

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