What bike inspired you?
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Thread: What bike inspired you?

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    What bike inspired you?

    Do you remember the first bike that inspired you to start riding? The first bike that made you stop and really make the decision to take on this hobby? And di you ever buy that first love?

    In the late 1990's I caught some motorcycle racing and was blown away by the riders and machines. The Ducatis were doing very well with the 916, but that wasn't the bike. After work I would always stop in at Honda Center till one day there it was - The Honda VTR1000. I didn't realize the bike ever existed. I loved the idea of a sporting Vtwin and the sound was awesome. Yeah, there was the 916, but I knew that was out of reach as a minimum wage earner.

    It was done, I decided to enroll in the BC Safety course to start riding. As a starter bike, I bought from Honda Center, a 1986 Yamaha SRX6 that I rode almost every sunny day. I still had my heart set on a VTR, but I still thought it was too fast for me. Then along came the Suzuki SV650S - smaller and cheaper, I bought one. Soon after, my lust for the VTR faded and bikes were getting lighter and faster. I don't know if I'll ever have the pleasure of owning a VTR.
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    it was a 50cc dirt bike 20 years ago and have been hooked ever scince but for a good 10 years I would dream about having a ducati 996 my g/f at the time even bought be a hot wheels 916. I finally bought my dream last year a 998.
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    Honda Ascot. 1983 .............. bright red. I used to stand at the bus stop and just stare. Some times the owner would jump on for an early morning rip. 26 years later, I should buy one just because

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    would probably be the 1972 honda cl100 that sat in our basement for like 20 years after our dad stopped riding when we were born.. used to push it around, knock it over into the hot water tank.. etc, etc eventually I even crashed it into the house when I tried to get it running again.
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    Man you guys are young!!!!!

    '73 Yamaha RD350
    06 Yamaha R1 (50th Anniversary) - R1's forever!!
    Georgeous Ducati 996 (the only bike as pretty as my R1!!)

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    I used to see a woman riding one of those black/blue/pink CBR600s in my neighbourhood. I liked the bike and the woman was hot. For some reason that started it for me.

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    Early 70's YZ 125. A buddy owned it and I got one ride on it. I crashed and he wouldn't let me have an other go. I bought my own bike a month later and waxed his ass shortly after that. Was hooked on dirt bikes and MX before getting my first street ride. That was 30 years ago and I still ride when ever I can......
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    First solo ride was on a broke down Hodaka Combat Wombat bumpstarted with no brakes.
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    My uncles BSA and getting rides on it got me going. i was 5 so my grand pa bought me an almost new 1969 Honda 50 to start on then a 72 Yamaha YZ80 for a first dirtbike.
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    I'd say the first bike that really inspired me... like where I had a poster of it, and hung on the wall, was the original Honda Interceptor!!!

    I believe the 25th anniversary editions are out now!!!

    Then, when I saw the movie FLED, I laid eyes on that masterpiece of a 916, and was never the same... someday I'm gonna find me a 998R!!!
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    Late 80's Yamaha TZR250 and the Kawi KR1-S 2-strokes. I'd still love to get my hands on either bike.

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    sportbike... pfffft!
    guess i'm the youngest to say the R1 first gen, loved that bike

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