Purolator Pure One Oil Filters Local Purchase
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Thread: Purolator Pure One Oil Filters Local Purchase

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    Purolator Pure One Oil Filters Local Purchase

    After trying to find a good filter for my R1, I found that the Purolator Pure One is a great option.

    R1 - Purolator Pure One part # PL14612

    There is also a 1 inch longer filter available part #PL14610, but it won't fit on the R1. Other bikes it will. If you can fit it that is the one to have.



    The R1 oil filter fits many Honda and Kawi applications and I'm sure there are other Pure One filters for other bikes as well.

    Alder Auto used to stock the purolator line, but now go with Wix.
    Alder can order them in, and the PL14612 can be had for abou $9.50.

    Better price than OEM by far, and WAY better OEM filter by further. These filters can be had for about $5 in the US and are more available.

    This is a good filter I can have confidance in before i get a Scotts filter.


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    There a good filter but wix is just as good. W/E works the best for ya
    Thats what I use on all my motorcycles as well as most of my friends.
    Check out my dad and I's motorcycle trip pics, from over the years.


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