GS500F fairings interchangeable??
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Thread: GS500F fairings interchangeable??

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    none at the moment

    GS500F fairings interchangeable??

    Ive tried to do a search about this but no luck so thought id ask.
    I have an 04 GS500F and i love the bike but i want it to look more sportier. I know that upgrading would probably be the easy way out but i like the challenge of making my GS look nicer/sportier.

    1. could u put GSXR fairings/whole kit on a GS500F?
    2. is there any other way to make the tail look more sporty rather than the 2 seater touring?

    Ive seen the GS500R kit that brazil sells but thats a little far off so thats not an option. Ive tried reading through forum board but no one has really done any major mods on this bike.

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