I'll cancel the ride if it's cloudy or worse.

Meeting time and place:
Mi Mexico at 11:30
For the map, go see it on my previous ride on 3/18.
Exit 256 (Meridian Rd.) on I-5
241 Telegraph Rd
Bellingham, WA

They have this legendary margarita for $4, but stay under legal limit. I'll meet you inside the restaurant.

It's not really fun to ride in group on I-5, but we can leave together from GVRD if you've got NEXUS.

The route is to go by Whatcom Lake, old Hwy 99, Sedro-Wooley, then take S. Skagit Hwy. I'll try to come back to the border by 6pm.

The pace: 10-20km/h over the posted limit, all riders (newbs, v's, inlines, boxer, pararel twins, diesel or whatever) welcome as long as you can keep this pace.