Trading a bike in
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Thread: Trading a bike in

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    Trading a bike in

    Hey guys,
    If you are trading in a bike and what everyone says is that the mods have no value, would you take the mods off? I'm talking about things like no-cut sliders, slip-ons, etc.

    I should make a poll! <kidding>

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    If you have stock parts to replace the mods then I'd change the parts. Then sell the aftermarket stuff. Majority of the time, mods aren't really taken into consideration.
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    Well, two thought/suggestions:

    Mods don't equate to the money spent, but they do make the bike more sale-able. So you can sell the bike at a *slight* premium with mods, and appeal to a wider audience, or put back to stock, and sell the mods separately, and possibly make some extra $$.

    My the cost, and enjoy greater appeal with your bike, knowing all along, that the mods were done for fun, and that's just the price to have to accept this reality going in, and suck it up when you sell.

    I prefer to buy a bike that someone has modded, as I'm paying a nickel on the dollar for extras I love, but could not justify spending in the 1st place.

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    I find that any used vehicle that is closest to original stock condition is still most wanted.

    Most people want a car/bike to work on from scratch and make it their own. You can definatley get more back from parting-out, but it's a matter of if you have time to sell the mods.

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