Transport Canada adopting US bumper regulations.
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Thread: Transport Canada adopting US bumper regulations.

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    Transport Canada adopting US bumper regulations.

    This one passed by me, I did I search and I didn't see it posted here so I figured I'd post it. Anyone who knows about importing Cars knows a lot of the reasons why certain cars are not allowed in Canada or take extra long getting here (and some of the claimed reasons for extra costs in cars) is out bumper standard. Canadian Bumpers must be able to withstand a 8km/h crash without being replaced. In the US/Europe it's only 4km/h.

    Transport Canada finally seems to see the light:

    This would be great for us, as technically it will keep Canada on par with the US on cars allowed into the country, and more importantly SHOULD technically lower the price, while studies have shown this makes the car no more dangerous in a crash, just causes the asshole who was talking on his cellphone more likely to have to open his/her wallet to get your bumper replaced.

    However the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) wants none of this cause it'll cost them more money and they're fucking retards most likely in line with ICBC for vacation bonus's.

    Of course you can argue the opposite that the bumpers here are better because they're held to that standard, but even if you're in a 4km/h crash you still need to get your bumper repainted here, and anyone who thinks that the plastic 8km/h bumper saves lives is an idiot, in a real crash it makes no difference.
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    Looks like and evo 8 is in my future! Woot

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    Quote Originally Posted by anoxion View Post
    Looks like and evo 8 is in my future! Woot
    My thoughts exactly

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