Rider down on 20th in New West this morning
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Thread: Rider down on 20th in New West this morning

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    Rider down on 20th in New West this morning

    Rider went down near the bottom of 20th street in New West just before the Queensborough Bridge around 6:45 this morning, hope the rider is okay. The ambulance had just taken him/her away and the bike (older, red Kawi. Not sure of model) was on it's kick stand on the side of the road (hopefully a good sign) If anyone knows of the rider's condition, please post up. Just a reminder to everyone to ride safe, weather is still not ideal and drivers are still not used to us being on the road.
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    Damn - the weather sucks today, and traffic in that area is always hectic in the mornings. Put the two together and you got ...

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    I hope the police that normally camp at the bottom of that street were there that early and able to respond fast. Hope the rider's ok
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