nordel onramp to alex fraser
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Thread: nordel onramp to alex fraser

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    nordel onramp to alex fraser

    riding into work this morning as i was at ~ the apex of the first onramp curve, my bike did a nice little front-back shuffle, i noticed right before i hit that area something didn't look quite right on the road, looked like some spilled oil or something.

    it was the right hand lane on the right side of center.

    just a heads up for people
    "Oh its a deep burn, oh its so deep. I can barely lift my right arm cuz i did so many. i dont know if you heard me counting, i did over 1000."

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    What does the sign say??!!
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    A tractor trailer jumped the little wall on the right in the curve....on Monday.
    I'm sure there's some diesel on the road.....
    WATCH OUT!!!
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    Thank you for posting this.

    Would that be downhill from Nordel into the nice rightey where three lanes merge into two and then one and then you're northbound on the Alex Fraser Bridge?

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    Thanks for the warning, that's one of my favourite ramps.

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    I saw someone doing their class 6 road test on that very same onramp a couple of weeks ago. hope they still don't go that way.

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