19th Annual MLA Ride
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Thread: 19th Annual MLA Ride

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    19th Annual MLA Ride

    The 19th annual MLA Ride was once again blessed with sunshine. Approximately 90 motorcycles along with a huge turnout of MLA’s, BCCOM presented over 4,000 signatures regarding Transferable Plates to Blair Lekstrom, MLA, Peace River South (and of course BCCOM’s own “Minister of Motorcycling”) which he then presented in the house yesterday afternoon. BCCOM is hoping that with a new president and CEO for the Insurance Corporation of B.C. (yet to be announced) that we will finally get some movement on this. Several MLA’s came up to me after the ride and said that they support it and thought it had already gone through! B.C.’s new Solicitor General and Minister to ICBC John van Dongen read the proclamation then went on the ride which was great! The Minister had done his homework, citing that it was important for automobile drivers to pay more attention and to look twice and that motorcycling was a fuel efficient way to get around. I also found out that Richard Neufeld, MLA, Peace River North and Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources rides and own three Harley’s he has restored. Premier Gordon Campbell could not attend but I am told he is looking at buying a bike. All in all I am thinking perhaps we will have all the MLA’s riding in no time. A truly successful day for the motorcyclists of B.C.

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    Hopefully good news to come of it!
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    Cool. Let's hope there'll be some changes.
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