2-stroke porting
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Thread: 2-stroke porting

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    2-stroke porting

    Any place in the lower mainland that does decent job of porting a air cooled 2 stroke? I am looking for a medium port job,not interested in all out preformance I believe they call it a stage 2 port job!
    And ya, I know there are places in the states to send them to,it is a canadian thing, support my country thingy !

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    If you just want a little extra pep out of the old RD, you can just skim the head bit, how much is dependent on your crank setup but, a little positive deck is good but, will require a bored head gasket. You can run w/o a head gasket or get a thinner set of base gaskets. You can advance the crank timing 4 degrees. All but the last are do it yourself or cheap machine shop assignments and all were proven back in the 70s and 80s to boost power. All these mods will require carb work to ensure you don't sieze the motor. There isn't alot in porting the engine, other than making it more peaky than it already is.


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    What kind of bike is it your'e porting?
    If you contact Darcy at cypress motorbikes

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    PM me for the phone number to Mark Weitzel, he's THE guy in the area who knows what he's doing, just ask Paul Ludwig and the rest of the competition who had to go against the fire breathing cr500's. Mark has extensive experience with all levels of tune for RZ-350's.
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    Strongly suggest sending your bits to;
    http://home.earthlink.net/~scloughn/ in los angeles.

    Shipping is approx $20..worth every penny extra.
    Very Fair pricings and every customer is 100% happy.. long after.
    I certainly am.
    Also advises/tunes to exactly what you want it to do.. Bonus.
    Consistently racing and winning with yama 350's since '73. ..that's 35 years experience...Not likely to find anyone as good, let alone better.

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