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Thread: corbin seat help

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    corbin seat help

    i am looking at getting a corbin seat for my 1200 bandit.

    should i get leather? i had basketweave vinyl on the old one. do i do that again? stitching? colored?? bike is silver.


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    i have a vfr800 with a corbin, leather, basketweave. great feal and good for the long haul.

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    Leather's a bitch to care for, and doesn't like the rain. But it does breathe better.

    Vinyl is better for an all-season rider or someone who is casual about maintenance.

    I highly recommend not buying a Corbin unless it's custom fit at the factory. I've never heard any complains from someone who gets a custom fit, but there's tons of people out there who don't fit the Corbin ass-profile and are really disappointed with the seats.

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    I'm looking at getting a Corbin for my 600rr. Do you guys think it's well worth the price that they charge.

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    All depends of the person....I had a Corbin on my previous ride, and got one for my latest....2 thumbs up.

    Another great seat is the Sargent models....again, $$$, but your ass will thank you.

    Both mine were leather, but I store my bike inside, and don't ride in the rain unless I have to. With proper maintenance, both will last years....probably much much longer than the average person owns the bike anyway.

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