Riding near Jasper AB?
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Thread: Riding near Jasper AB?

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    Riding near Jasper AB?

    I'm taking a three night trip up to Jasper to visit a friend this weekend. I'm driving my truck but I'm wondering if it would be worth it to throw my bike in the back. Are there any good roads around there?

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    There are only main highways in and out of Jasper. It would be worth taking your bike just to take in the scenery. The locals of Jasper would know more.

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    The 'highways' there are wicked-fast and fun sweepers, great fun if you're rocking a 600+ bike. Very high quality roads and scenery.

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    take 93 south to lake louise fun fun fun, watch for the popo 90 to 80 k speed limits, and do it in the morning to avoid the motorhomes. Sask crossing to rocky mountian house is pretty boring highway 11 thats all i got as an ex albertan.

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    Ummm I lived there for a few years. I could see some of the roads out by the lodge being kind of fun, heading up to the falls etc. Or the highway that leads to the glacier (and banff) There might still be a ton of gravel this time of year so be careful if you do.

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    Yeah any of the highways and scenery out there is beautiful. I'd imagine it'll still be cold as shite up there though. I agree theres probably a ton of sand and gravel still on the roads too. You can see for a good distance on those roads, but watch for herds of Elk and Cariboo standing in the middle of the highway. I've had lots of close calls with animals on my bike and in my truck in the rockies.

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